Sunday, September 6, 2015

SB&J Burgers

Okay, so this was the first thing I was actually nervous about trying in a very long time. All the ingredients I love separately.

Burgers? Delicious!

Strawberries? I grew up in Santa Maria, California. We live strawberries.

Sunbutter? Awesome.

Together? Ehhh... Yep, that's right! Hesitation.

This is what I pinned:

The Sprout and I took a trip to the farmer's market today and then went to get the usual groceries. After the little guy went down for a nap, I decided I was hungry and started poking around a copy of Well Fed 2 I borrowed from the library to see if anything looked good. I couldn't believe it when I thumbed over this recipe from The Clothes Makes the Girl's Melissa Joulwan. Sunbutter and Jelly... ON A BURGER? Woah.

I had all the ingredients... Why not? Besides, it's Whole 30 compliant and I've got a day and a half left to go!

I started by washing and cutting up our fresh strawberries. I ended up only using one of those lemons, but I think I probably could have gotten by with a half a little lemon.

I added in the ginger powder and set this bowl aside. I got the burgers made with the salt and pepper and got them in my pan. In the recipe, it says to grill your burgers, and I'm sure that tastes 10x better! They still came out pretty good.

While those were cooking away, I dumped my strawberry mixture into a small skillet and got to stirring! I didn't want these to burn, especially because all of the fruit sugar, so I kept a close eye on these berries.

So everything got all bubbly and delicious! I put the mixture into a bowl and set it aside to cool. I popped a bit of the Sunbutter into the microwave for a few seconds to get it all soft and easy to pour.

A quick tip about green onions: try putting them in a cup of water when you come home from the store. They will last a lot longer, and they'll keep growing! You'll get way more for your money! Just change the water every other day. I use my kitchen shears to cut off just what I need.

And... they were pretty darn good! I think that I could make two improvements. 1. I would put less lemon in the strawberries. I got a little too lemon happy. Hazard of not being a person who measures. 2. I would try to get the hubby to grill these bad boys up. I was not down to clean the grill tonight, so that will definitely be happening for round two... YES! Round two! These are just weird enough to be really, really good! Melissa also has a variation on her recipe that's called "Fat Elvis". That's exactly what it sounds like; a burger with banana, bacon, and Sunbutter (or almond butter)! 

That has to happen.

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