About Me

I'm not all that organized. I like cooking, but hate doing dishes. I like camping, hiking, fishing, and most outdoor activities, but don't go as often as I'd like. I am an English teacher who listens to the majority of my book club books on Audible and hates grading... with a passion. I have tried to learn how to crochet once when I had the flu and had to stay in bed for three days. I ended up making a coaster and called it a success.

If I had to narrow down my life to its most important elements, I'd say I value my independence, creativity, and humor most. I treasure the time I spend with my family and friends trying new things and making memories. I love to challenge myself, but am getting better about understanding and acknowledging my limits. I just try to make sure that the choices I make are life-giving and don't intentionally harm myself or others. I just try to do my best and when I learn about a better or more sustainable way to live, I do that instead!

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